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Календарь Russian Life 2015

Журнал Russian Life, который начиная с 1956 года рассказывает о России на английском языке, решил выпустить свой очередной годовой календарь с моими фотографиями.
Далее просто 12 моих фотографий и подписи к ним на английском. Сверстанный календарь я не видела, но судя по выпускам прошлых годов должно быть очень красиво и достойно. Мне обещали прислать несколько авторских экземпляров, думаю вот устроить потом розыгрыш тут в жж.

Pekhorka River. A tributary of the Moscow River. “This photo was taken in the Moscow suburbs,” says photographer Elena Petrova, “there is an aeration plant here that empties water into the river, as a result of which there is constantly steam, and the river here does not freeze all winter, even when it is minus 25º.”

Tomilino town in Moscow Region. A fisherman returns home along the hoarfrost-covered banks of a river. “The temperature was minus 30º,” Elena Petrova says, “and the steam enveloped the scene.”.

The River Oka. “The Oka overflows its banks almost every spring,” says photographer Elena Petrova, “flooding roads and fields. As a result, many villages in this region are cut off from surrounding cities and towns for weeks, and residents have to row to work in small boats. In order to capture this image at dawn, I had to get up at three in the morning and drive 150 kilometers.”

Valishchevo village, outside Moscow. “The church on the opposite side of the pond, The Assumption of the Blessed Mother Of God, was built in 1903, its construction paid for by local peasants,” Elena Petrov says. “This village is not far from my parent’s home, where I was staying for a weekend. At dawn I just had this urge to go out for a walk and take some photos.”

Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery, Vologda Oblast. The monastery was founded in 1397, when the monk Kirill Belozersky dug a cave on the banks of Lake Siverskoye. From the fifteenth to seventeenth centuries, it was Russia’s largest and richest monastery. In 1924, it was turned into a museum preserve. In 1997, in connection with its 600th anniversary, a portion of the monastery was given back to the Orthodox Church.

Lake Pleshcheyevo, Yaroslavl Oblast. “Every year a hot air balloon festival called ‘Golden Ring of Russia’ takes place on the banks of this lake,” says photographer Elena Petrova, “and ballooning crews come here from all over the country. In this instance, I was lucky enough to connect up with one of the crews and fly over the lake in the basket of a hot air balloon, from which this photo was taken. We got as high as 500 meters, averaging about 7 kilometers per hour.”

Sorokosvyatskaya Church, Pereslavl-Zalessky. “The Sorokosvyatskaya Church is located in the Rybnoy (‘fishing’) settlement at the mouth of the river Trubezh. The exact date of its construction is unknown, yet it is believed that a church has stood here since the beginning of the seventeenth century. To get to the church from the center of town, you walk along the banks of a beautiful river that is full of ducks and lined with the boats of local residents. Then, suddenly, there is a bend in the river and this view of the church opens up.”

Kaluga Region. “For several years now,” says Elena Petrova, “the Arkhstoyania festival of landscape art has taken place in the village of Nikola-Lenivets. Architects are specially invited to create art objects using natural materials: wood, snow, hay, vines. This is one of those works of art, ‘Bouburg,’ created by Nikolai Polisky. It was a complex metallic construction, braided with birch vines to create 22-meter-high towers and tubes stretching skyward. I had decided to do some night photography when suddenly fireworks began exploding overhead. It turns out it was someone’s birthday in a nearby village.”

Botanical Gardens of the Academy of Sciences, Moscow. “The botanical gardens cover some 361 hectares and contain 8220 species and 8110 forms and varieties of plants,” notes photographer Elena Petrova. “There is also a greenhouse with tropical plants and a Japanese garden. The park is the perfect place for unhurried walks, and this photo was taken during a fall stroll in the park with my child.”

Sloboda Village, Lake Seliger. “This is one of the many villages located around Lake Seliger in Tver Oblast,” says photographer Elena Petrova. “In the summer, many Russians come here to fish, and you can easily rent a house or a boat. But in fall there is only the wind, blowing fallen leaves along empty streets. I took this photo while traveling around Tver Oblast in search of ancient churches and beautiful landscapes.”

Kaliningrad. “The Fishery Village Cultural and Ethnographic Center in Kaliningrad is built to look like a city block in the style of pre-war Königsberg,” says Elena Petrova. “There are stores, museums and a few cafes, as well as a tower in the shape of a lighthouse with a viewing platform. This photo was taken from the bridge that connects Kant Island with the rest of the city.”

Moscow. “This is Moscow as seen from the 22nd floor of the Russian Academy of Sciences,” says photographer Elena Petrova. “You can see the building of Moscow State University on the left, Andreyevsky Monastery directly below, the overpass of the third transport ring on the right, and the Moscow City skycrapers in the distance. This image was actually composited from 34 separate shots done over 3 hours in order to capture the transition from day to night.”

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